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GRB Light curve
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Complete BATSE Spectral Catalog

Adam Goldstein's catalog of BATSE GRB spectra. Access to flux and fluence spectral fit parameters for different 5 different models.

BATSE Spectral Database

Yuki Kaneko's thesis on BATSE GRB spectra. Access to plots, fits and data.

BATSE GRB Catalogs

Published and current catalogs of gamma-ray bursts observed with BATSE.


GRB Articles in refereed publications with BATSE GRA team members in author list.

BATSE Rapid Burst Response Network

Rapid, accurate gamma-ray burst locations distributed via the GCN.

Gamma-ray burst skymaps

Skymaps of BATSE gamma-ray burst locations.

Gamma-ray burst lightcurves

BATSE gamma-ray lightcurves (4 channel discriminator data).

Gamma-ray burst durations

Information on burst durations

Counterpart observations

Lightcurves of BATSE gamma-ray bursts that have counterpart observations (see also the RBR page).

3-D Light Curves

Interesting 3-d models of several BATSE gamma-ray burst light curves

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